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Monster Rancher Season 3 Episode 12 Winner's Cup: The Fickle Finger Of Fate 2001

In the Winner's Cup held in a town by the seaside, Mocchi's partner has to be Golem who is the only 1 in the 5 IMA designated monsters that is with the gang. It will be 2 rounds of 1 on 1 battles and a Sudden Death in the event of a tie against the defending champions. While Golem is bend on making up for his mistakes the other time, Mocchi isn't feeling well at all and faints (from high fever) while registering. After being sent to the hospital, they ponder if they should withdraw but Golem decides that he will win the 1st round and even if Mocchi lost, he will win in the Sudden Death round. While on his way to practice, Golem runs into Michelle, a girl who shares much interest in common with Golem. Golem brings her to the beach and she faints from exhaustion. Golem finds out that she is very sick from her father and that she needs 5000 gold (which is the same amount as the Winner's Cup prize money) for the operation. Golem decides to help, so he trains really hard and asks his friends to let him keep the Winner's Cup prize money. Mocchi looks better after some rest and they enter the competition. Golem managed to defeat a fearsome Arrowhead but Mocchi faints while fighting Noble Gel. In Sudden Death, can Golem defeat the powerful Noble Gel and get the money to help Michelle who came all the way to cheer him on despite her sickness?

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