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Monster Rancher Season 3 Episode 11 Allan's Advice 2001

In the forest, Genki is busy with creating battle plans when Wood Golem attacks. No one listens to Genki's battle plans and Genki, Mocchi and Wood Golem falls into the river. When Genki awakens to find Allan and Mocchi beside him, together with Worms who saved him. It turns out that after Moo's defeat, Allan goes around searching for and unlocking Discs, then he finds them good homes and trainers. Genki is very touched by the change in Allan. Genki seems to be so confident in his battle plans but not in himself that Allan decides to show him a thing or two with a monster battle between Mocchi and small Worm. Despite Mocchi following Genki's best plans, they still lost to small Worm who surprising managed to make a last minute comeback. Allan tells Genki he cannot win unless he becomes true to himself, like he used to be and leaves. Genki is lost in thought not knowing why he lost, until he saw something Mocchi drew and finally understood the meaning behind Allan's words. The remainder of the gang where still searching for Genki and Mocchi when Wood Golem shows up. Since they don't stand a chance, will Genki arrive in time to save them and does he really have what it takes to win?

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